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Valuations are usually performed for transaction purposes which could be executed in form of either asset disposal/purchase (i.e. shares, trademarks, immovable or movable property) or contribution in kind.
Independent and fair valuation is integral part of mergers (to establish exchange parity), process of changing entity’s legal form and it is also often required for spin-off purposes.

One should bear in mind that after transaction an asset which was subject to valuation starts its new live – it is recorded in accounting books of acquirer and its value may have substantial impact on both financial results and future cashflows of acquirer. Depending on type of particular asset it could be either amortised or subject to testing for impairment.

Due to increasing role of financial reporting it is absolutely crucial to account for all implications resulting from valuation and to understand impact of valuation results on financials of an enterprise in the future and thus for its value.

It is worth pointing out that certain assets may substantially improve company’s cashflows provided they satisfied specific requirements imposed by the tax law.

We perform independent valuation of: We perform valuation for:
  • enterprises (shares)
  • business units of enterprises
  • fixed assets
  • immovable property (land and buildings)
  • movable property (equipment and machinery, fixtures and fittings)
  • intelectual property including:
    • trademarks (trade names and product brands)
    • patents and licences
    • relations with clients and suppliers (data bases)
    • R &D
  • software
  • financial instruments
  • transaction purposes
  • establishing value of in-kind contribution
  • determining exchange parity (merger)
  • spin-off /disposal of separate business unit of an enterprise
  • change of entity’s legal form
  • stripping out of enterprise/assets
  • liquidation purposes (also appointed by court)
  • court proceedings
  • managament buyouts
  • obligatory buyouts (squeezing)
  • purchase price allocation purposes
  • impairment of assets testing