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Acquisitions or disposals of companies (or their parts) are complicated transactions, requiring combination of specific knowledge and experience from various areas. Therefore transaction process must be carefully prepared and properly executed.

Our advisors prepare all necessary analysis, identify potential benefits and risks associated with transaction and prepare negotiation strategy.

Strategic investors always have certain expectations regarding company take-over i.e. to enter new market, to enhance its own portfolio of goods or services offered or they expect synergies resulting from effect of scale. Financial investors target prospective companies which may increase its scale of operation and thus improve profitability after finance injection they provide, however unlike strategic investors they are interested in exit within few years time span.

The buyer usually engages substantial financial resorces into transaction, which often has to be rised from external sources therefore it is critical to perform independent valuation of a target company to estimate both its fair value and financial needs of the acquirer. Independent valuation of a target company forms basis for negotiation and indicates price the buyer is willing to accept.

In order to estimate fair value of a target company we prepare advanced financial models which also allow us to perform sensitivity analysis of key financial and operational parameters of a target company.

Proper risk assessment associated with both a target company and transaction itself is one of key elements of each transaction process and majority of risks, especially those related to a target company could be addressed during due diligence. More information on due diligence could be found here.

Independent valuation accompanied with advanced financial modeling techniques and due diligence are key elements contributing to successful negotiation strategy of transaction.

To agree key exit parameters is the ultimate target from vendor’s point of view, disregarding weather strategic or financial one. The parameters obviously cover price but also timing and way of payment depending on vendor’s preferences. Vendor usually receives considerable financial resources upon settlement of transaction therefore it is important to account for such schemes of transaction from tax perspective which could be as favorable as possible and acceptable for both parties.

Our ultimate goal is to complete transaction on conditions acceptable for both parties and as quickly as possible.

Scope of our transaction advisory services includes:

  • identification and approaching potential investors
  • identification and approaching  potential targets
  • transaction structuring
  • independent valuation
  • due diligence
  • identification of transaction risk
  • preparation of negotiation strategy
  • negotiation support
  • preparation of necessary transaction documents
  • supporting and coordinating work performed by other advisors