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Due diligence is one of key processes proceeding acquisition or disposals of company (or its part) or entry of new investor (strategic or financial) thereto.

There are different goals of due diligence depending on whether it is buy-side or vendor due diligence.

Buy-side due diligence forms substantial basis for making final decision to submit legally binding proposal of acquiring company.

Due diligence process aims to identify critical risks associated with a target company and transaction itself. Due diligence performed in professional manner allows potential investor to understand a target company much better both from financial and operational perspective with focus on key functional areas of a target company.

Knowledge of target company gathered during due diligence by independent, professional advisor considerably improves potential investor's position in negotiations. It often results with lowering purchase price and introducing to a share purchase agreement clauses which secure interests of a buyer much better.

Due diligence performed in professional manner allows to confirm assumptions made by potential investor with regard to possible synergies and assess if a target company is able to sustain further growth and its financial performance at rate which provides expected rate of return for investor.

Vendor due diligence aims to prepare a company for disposal.

Vendor due diligence carried by independent, professional advisor identifies problems and risks which may be revealed by potential investor while performing its own buy-side due diligence. Therefore it allows owners and management of a company which is expected to be disposed to eliminate some problems or considerably reduce major risks before potential buyer starts its own examination procedures. As a consequence thereof vendor’s position during negotiation and exit conditions could be considerably improved.

Our team of experienced consultants dealing with transaction support performed due diligence in various sector including FMCG, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, healthcare and insurance, IT, energy, transport and others.

In addition to financial and operational due diligence we perform, we can also arranged to provide full scope due diligence including tax and legal issues in cooperation with our partners and coordinate work performed by other advisors involved.

Morever we have all capabilities, skills and experience to provide you valuation services and full scope transaction advisory services.